Work samples

Work sample 1: Class Web site with Drop-Down Menus

This web site features an extensive navigation system to accommodate some of the many classes that I have taught at the secondary school level. It was used until I was appointed as the Virtual Classroom Online Coordinator for Dallas School District, Dallas, Oregon. Since the appointment happened mid-year, some of the classes do not have a full curriculum. A current challenge in this dynamic web site is the importing of weather data from a personal weather station. This is an ongoing project.

Work sample 2: Technology Blog

Students enrolled in my Computer Applications class were provided instruction in creating blogs. One of the means to demonstrate a blog to students was through the creation of a Computer Applications Technology Blog. Students were encouraged to blog about their interests, and others were requested to comment on their posts. Allowing students to blog about their passions in a technological genre that they were familiar with created high levels of engagement.

Work sample 3: Javascript-based Timing of Assignment Links (Captivate Video)

This video demonstrate a Javascript that I wrote that converts assignments into active links at the time the material is taught. The Javascript compares the computer date to the date of the assignment and makes the link active only if it falls within a specified time period. This video, produced with Adobe Captivate, demonstrates how the Javascript works.