Artifact 1: Promotional Movie of student work for Animation class

This movie was produced to develop interest in a class that incorporated advanced AutoCAD and hign-end animation using 3dsMax.

Artifact 2: Technology Classes Brochure

This brochure was utilized to illustrate the broad range of computer applications classes available to students.

Artifact 3: PowerPoint regarding research into Developmentally Appropriate Technology Acquisition

This PowerPoint provides a brief overview of the scope of my Master's Thesis, which was an examination into whether or not the introduction of certain technologies results in a reduction in declarative knowledge. This reduction, in turn, results in a reduction in procedural knowledge. This PowerPoint was presented to the staff at Western Oregon University as a portion of their Brown Bag Lunch Series.

Artifact 4: PowerPoint used to demonstrate student response systems

This PowerPoint provides students an introduction to student response systems. It has been my experience that the use of student response "clickers" in the classroom increases student engagement and learning, when used appropriately.

Artifact 5: Lesson Plan Brief

Dallas School District introduced the concept of the Professional Learning Communities in 2007. In order to ensure that curriculum was aligned, instructors were asked to document their lessons. I developed the attached lesson plan template as a means to document my daily progress in teaching.